Development Status

  •    Completed
  •    In Progress / will be proceeded
Category Development Contents Analysis Design Implementation Verifiation Distribution Deployment Schedule
Hdac Public Blockchain Hdac public blockchain core           '18.03
Consensus algorithm (ePoW)           '18.03
ASIC-resistent algorithm (Lyra2RE2)           '18.03
Hardware Wallet (Kasse) for Cryptocurrency           '17.12
Hardware Wallet (Kasse) for Hdac           '18.03
Android smartphone wallet for Hdac           '18.03
Hdac Explorer           '18.03
PC wallet for Hdac           '18.03
Hdac core customizing for Mining pool           '18.03
Hdac Private Blockchain Hdac private blockchain core            '18.06
Advanced Security Module           '18.06
Hdac Software Development Kit           '18.06
Hdac Java API for developer           '18.06
Hdac Permission management           '18.09
User-Device mapping for IoT environment           '18.09
IoT Security (tunneling)           '18.12
Simple Node for IoT device           '18.12
IoT Contract           '18.12
Bridge Node for Hybrid blockchain           '19.06
IoT High-speed ​​Transaction Distributed Processing Blockchain           '20.06
Industry Smart Home (IoT authentication and device control for HERIOT)           '18.12
Smart Factory            '18.12
Smart City / Campus            '18.12